garbage disposal crashes corncobs

food waste disposer grind corncobs and stalks

Does a food waste disposer need no water when it keeps grinding something?  usually, it needs flushing water to flush these finished food waste out into the drainage pipe. but the customer said, he did not want water. he only wanted to get the corncobs and stalks crashed into tiny pieces. so i think not […]

dsm560 food wase disposer

Details of about DSM560 kitchen garbage disposal

kitchen garbage disposal machine  details: Product Description Model DSM-560 Features 1.Very low noise during working, noise level is around 40dB 2.Standard color:gray,blue,orange,yellow,black.Special color can be tailored. 3.Mounting system is with locking system to prevent mounting system loose 4.Grinding system is 100% stainless steel 304 5.Grinding stage:2 stage or 3 stage for option 6.Grinding Chamber and Seat:Aluminum Alloy 7.Batch feeding device:Optional 8.With build-in switch and other related complete accessory Size  12.6inch (H) 8.3inch  (W)     Weight  8.5KG 20GP  924SETS Payment LC,TT,West Union,Payapl,Escrow,Credit Card  Packing  Gift box and master box   Dengshang brand kitchen garbage disposal  covers AC and DC motor two series  with horsepower from 1/2HP,3/4HP and 1HP. It is very good kitchen appliance to grind the food waste into small particles and flush away to the sewage  system to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.It is the tendancy that in the following years,the food waste disposer will become standard kitchen appliance in the kitchen.Unique design and many innovattive features enhance  the products performance and the quality  

DSW-z280 food garbge dispoasl

kitchen garbage disposal 220V with CE,CB,RoHS certification

Our food waste disposer all has such as CE,CB,RoHS etc certification approved. so it is widely used for worldwide market. B series kitchen garbage disposal 220v: B series includes induction motor disposer and commutator motor disposal,and voltage ranged from 110V to 220V. power ranged from 0.5 horsepower to 1 horsepower.   M series kitchen garbage […]


When hunting for a perfect kitchen garbage disposal there are several aspects that should be taken into consideration in order to make a decision that will leave you satisfied. Besides from factoring in obvious aspects such as price and quality, I recommend you to look at these aspects that listed below. *  Continuous feed or […]

how to clean your kitchen garbage disposal

Cleaning your kitchen garbage disposal unit at least once every two weeks or one month twice, helps keep out odors, keeps drains clear and extends the unit’s life. Common daily household products can help to clean and deodorize the garbage disposal unit, making the clenning task easy and inexpensive. Ice is good for cleaning your […]

How to choose a Kitchen Garbage Disposal that you need

Buying a kitchen garbage disposal is not a problem,but a good brand and quality disposal can save you time and money. If you have a little more time and don’t want to dive straight in and start looking for the model you think will do the job for you, take some of the following tips […]

History of kitchen garbage disposal

A kitchen sink garbage disposal or called food waste disposer(FWD)is a device, usually electrically powered, installed under a kitchen sink between the kitchen sink's drain and trap. the kitchen food waste disposer grinds these soft food waste into small tiny pieces,generally in less than 2mm,to pass through the plumbing and flow out.