what to do when Garbage Disposal Leaks

If you notice leaks below the garbage disposal, find out the source of the leak, and tighten the offending connection. If necessary, replace the drain gasket or the unit’s mounting screws.If the unit is unreasonably noisy, check that something hasn’t dropped into the waste disposer unit that shouldn’t have. If all is clear, you may […]

Disposal Drain Is Clogged

When water stands in the sink, it means the drain is clogged either in the disposal or further down the drain line. This isn’t a garbage disposal problem but rather a plumbing problem

what to do when garbage disposal jammed?

You’ll know your disposal is jammed or clogged when the motor hums but the disposal doesn’t grind, is overly noisy, or runs and then stops before you turn it off. The problem is often a piece of bone, a fruit pit, or the like stuck between an impeller blade and the drain hole. Don’t continue […]

what can to do when food waste disposal smells?

For common every day food odors from a disposal, just put in some ice cubes with lemon, lime or orange peels. Then keep the waste disposal working for 30 seconds. so it will smells great!