food waste disposer company finished the 122nd canton fair

As a manufacturer of kitchen food waste disposers, we were having our own stall for this just exhibition of 122nd Canton fair during 15th-19th that time ,we also took our home oil extraction machine with us to present to customers too.

we had a new feeling about this canton fair,many new customers were interested with our kitchen food waste disposers and our company. so i think maybe our kitchen sink waste disposer would be have a big share in the global market. they discussed with us about the products, and hoped would be become partners in the coming years.

Kitchen garbage disposal  is a new type of environment-friendly products that helps you to get rid of  these food waste at home and  restaurant and hotels. As you know, managing garbage is a big problem for government,every day, we may make much food waste,like residential and industrial food waste. And not all these types of garbage can be tackled, we do not have methods to get rid of  the industrial food waste, but we can get something to do about our daily food garbage. Food waste can be crushed in to small pieces and dried,then it can be reused for composting,and feeds the crops in the farm.

During this Canton fair time, we also had some our old loyal customers visited our stall. We talked about problem that currently exists and new ideas about products that part of should be upgraded.

We were satisfied with this exhibition that we had gained so many interests about our food waste disposer machine.

Following are these part of this canton fair photos:

food waste disposer at 122nd canton fair

Food waste disposer at the 122nd canton fair 15th-19th Oct 2017

Showing our products new features to our customers

Showing our products new features to our customers

Discussed details with our loyal customer

Discussed details with our loyal customer


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