When hunting for a perfect kitchen garbage disposal there are several aspects that should be taken into consideration in order to make a decision that will leave you satisfied. Besides from factoring in obvious aspects such as price and quality, I recommend you to look at these aspects that listed below.

*  Continuous feed or batch feed:
when searching for a new garbage disposal, one of the first decisions you must make is whether you will opt for a batch feed model or a continuous feed model.
As the names indicate, a continuous feed kitchen waste disposal can be fed food waste continuously whereas a batch feed sink garbage disposal grinds the food waste in batches. A continuous feed model is the perfect pick if you value the convenience if offers. A Batch feed garbage disposal is a slightly more quiet option as the grind chamber has to be completely sealed,so motor sound insulated. and a closed grind chamber also minus the risk of accidents.

*   Horsepower:
Horsepower indicates that how strong a kitchen garbage disposal works. Besides from stating the disposer’s power output, it also tells a lot about who it’s built can learn that it is whether it is for household or commercial use.
A powerful food garbage disposal with a power of 1.0 HP, is aimed at larger families who use it frequently and want to be able to grind varies food waste. A garbage disposer with a mere 1/3 HP is made with smaller households in mind who use it less frequently and can live with having to be a little bit more selective in what they feed their kitchen waste disposal. so in a word,horsepower decides the which food waste can be ground.

DSB560 kitchen garbage disposal china

sink waste disposal with 560W,0.75 Horsepower,110v-220v for household using

*  Grind Stages:
Basically, the more grind stages a kitchen garbage disposer has, the more finely grinded the food waste will be. In other words, more grind stages will allow sink garbage disposals to grind foods more tiny Another positive side effect of having two or three grind stages, as opposed to only one, is that it greatly reduces to risk of unwanted jams as the food waste get virtually liquefied.
*   Noise:
Usually, we prefer to a garbage disposal less noise when it works.

*   Size:
Just like every other products, kitchen garbage disposals come in different shapes and sizes. Some are small and compact while others are big and robust. It is therefore important that you check that your desired model actually fits under your sink. Many people prefer to have room for a trash can and a few cleaning utensils under the sink.


*  Installation:
Installing a new garbage disposal and get you old one replaced is an easy job that can be done without any expert skills. All you need is a few tools, the instructions manual and an hour or two to spare! One thing that I would like to point out is that if you’re replacing your old garbage disposal unit with a new one from another manufacturer, the installation might get a little bit different. but it is not a problem. i think you can have it done yourself easily

*  Warranty:
A great warranty indicates that the manufacturer is confident in the quality and after-sale of their products, which should not be overlooked. As most garbage disposals are used every day, so it is not a guarantee If and when this happens, it’s always comfortable to have a warranty to fall back on so that you can have your garbage disposal fixed or replaced by the manufacturer.

*  Brand:
Big brand i think is a better way you choose first. Big brand means good fame,good service and technology. but  some other companies do well too.InSinkErator and Waste King are popular in the world. but as i know, they  also have bases of production in China. Dengshang brand kitchen food waste disposer is also a good choice for you.

with the knowledge of these above,i think you will make a best decision to choose a kitchen sink garbage disposal for yourself.

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