Handmade manual hydraulic press juicer machine

1.pulp Is Bone Dry

2.High Juice Quality

3.Using the press is easy and fast

4.Manual Valve to release pressure

5. Term of  trade: FOB

6. MOQ: 1 set Manual Juicer press


Hydraulic Manual juicer press machine

Dengshang Manual/handmade Household hydraulic fruit juicer machine If you’re looking for a powerful and highly effective juicer, this is it. This Manual Juicer Press is designed for household use and utilizes a hydraulic press method of juicing to actually release vitamins, minerals and enzymes that literally “bind” to the pulp. Juice pressing purifies and increases the vital force of the vegetables.

Juice extraction method

this juice press extracts juice containing high levels of nutrients from fruit and vegetables by pressing (squeezing) pulp. The nutrients and juice are forced out of the pulp fibers when pressed using 3 tons of pressure.

Special Features

IncludePowder-coated for durability Includes 2 juicing cloths Carrying and stabilizing handle Manual Jack Release Valve to release pressure Handle for use in jack Underside handles to facilitate lowering plate Nutrient preservation through the press ,The pressure exerted by this pressing method is thought to release extra nutrients and enzymes that would otherwise ‘adhere’ to the pulp and left behind by juicing machines. This way you get the most from your fruits and vegetables.

Manual operation

This is a manual juicer press that works by placing the fruit and vegetable pulp from a juice extracting machine. No matter which juicer you use at home, this press allows you to utilize left over pulp for the juicing press process, or just use the press to make pulp with the appropriate attachment. Easy to use Pulp is placed in pressing cloths pulp (2 are supplied with the Dengshang Press), then the cloth is folded and placed on the drip tray. The tray is raised using the jack handle, pressing the cloth between the juicing plate and the drip tray. When the pressing cloth containing the pulp is squeezed between the tray and the pressing plate the juice and nutrients are extracted from the pulp. Flow off the drip tray into a bowl or other catcher (not included).

Gift box Size:390mm(H)*270mm(W)*290mm(L)

Mainbox Size:550mm(L)*310mm(W)*415mm(H)(2 pcs/carton)

N/G Weight:15.1KGS/16.7KGS(1 pcs)      30.2KGS/32.7KGS(2 pcs/carton)

Jack pressure: 3T

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