home dehumidifiers with moisture absorber

Home small room dehumidifier with refrigerant compressor

Model: DSCSJ-1618B/1611A
Power Supply:220-240V/50Hz
Air volume:100cm3/h
Water Tank Capacity:1.5L
Operating Temperature:5°C-37°C
Drainage method:Water tank and flexible hose


Why should choose our small room dehumidifier?


  1. Water full alarm and auto shut-off
  2. Adjustable fan speed(High or low)
  3. Timing off function up to 24hrs
  4. Healthy Sleep model
  5. Anionic photo-catalysts purification system
  6. Humidity can be setup, temp&humidity indicator
  7. Children lock function
  8. Defrost LED indicator
  9. LCD operational panel
  10. Cloth drying function

Specification of home bathroom dehumidifier